Republican Senators Are Hella Stalling the Appointment of a Supreme Court Justice: Call ‘Em to Stop

Senate Republicans are stalling and are trying to stop President Obama from appointing the next Supreme Court Justice.

This is super important because a new Supreme Court Justice may have a large impact on crucial social issues like reversing Citizens United to get the influence of Big money out of our Democracy Continue reading


Bernie Sanders Ain’t A Socialist!



In addition to Bernie’s authenticity and passion, you just gotta love his hand gestures.

People have been blasting  “Bernie’s a Socialist!” for months on end. I think its important to clarify this nuanced of a word–this very important nuance. To set the record, he’s not a Socialist but a Social Democrat.

The fact that he exudes the principles of a Social Democrat is a key distinction because Bernie takes example from northern Europe. Over in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, their social democracy is working for the people. Continue reading

9 Hopeful New Year Points for a more Equal and Prosperous Society

May this New Year, be one where we dance and sing more.

May this New Year be one of healing, resilience and strength.

May this New Year be one where we express our love more freely. Continue reading